The Eldar

A Kinship Of Evernight

About the Eldar:

What are 'The Eldar'? The Eldar is a kinship on the MMORPG 'Lord of The Rings Online' or LOTRO and owned by Tegalad. It is based upon the Elvish theme of The Eldar, a large group of Elves in which began 'The Great Journey' these Elves were some of the early generations of their kind. The Eldar kinship can be found on the server of Evernight, an EU server. The kinship hosts a large variety of events all around Middle-Earth of raids, instances, skirmishes and much more! All events are open for official members. The kinship is open to all levels, races and classes, whether it be Hobbit or Elf, despite its distinct Elven theme.

To join please visit the 'contact us' page and select one of the many recruitment options.